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Julie Gvillo


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Mustard Seeds and Half-Risen Loaves   Leave a comment

Forgive us, God …
our faith is so small
smaller than a mustard seed
smaller than the eye can see
smaller than we want it to be.
Forgive us.

Forgive us, God …
our work is half done
our loaves half risen
our lives half lived.
Forgive us.

Forgive us, God …
our cynicism is great
our commitment faulty
our effort lackluster.
Forgives us, we pray.

Forgive us, God …
our attention is on the flickering
the sparkly
the great catch;
we do not sift
or sort
but keep it all,
succumbing to greed.
Forgive us.

Teach us the ways of the Kingdom.
Instruct us in the ways of wisdom,
and new
that we might become sowers
of fruit-bearing seed.
May it be so.

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Wilderness   Leave a comment

The Israelites wandered in the wilderness for forty years, according to Scripture. Forty years. That is a long. Dang. Time! Imagine how they must have felt when their paths seemed to cross over one another … When they appeared to be going in circles. The wilderness is a desolate place. It is a confusing and wearisome place. In the wilderness, it is easy to get disoriented even when you are seriously trying to stay on course. Thankfully, God walks with us every trying step just as God walked with the Hebrew people every minute of those forty long years. This is our comfort and strength. 

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Called   Leave a comment

Ask any pastor to tell their call story, and then sit back and relax. Usually, it’s a tale with twists and turns … A story that winds around more times than a slinky with an answer that is just as slow. As you reflect on your own call story — where and when you have heard God calling you to serve — what stands out to you? How have you been surprised? Where has your faith increased? What new venture is God calling you to today? 

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Crazy Huggins   Leave a comment

Ever have one of those days when your feelings are all over the map? When your thoughts are bouncing all around? When you aren’t sure which end is up? I think the Crazy Huggins tangle is perfect for those days. There is nothing like a little time with God to sort through the crazy in your life. When it’s all said and done, the feelings and the thoughts may all still be there, but so is God, who is perfectly willing to wade through the messiness of our lives and listen while we talk — or tangle — it out. Grab a pen and a tile and tangle your crazy out. God is listening. 

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